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Heavy Industry Speed Bump 5cm High

Heavy Industry Speed Bump 5cm High

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Heavy5D Traffic Speed Bump

Our Heavy5D Traffic Speed Bump is a top-notch rubber Speed Bump designed to withstand the demands of heavy truck and bus traffic. Standing at 5cm tall, this threshold is a reliable solution for slowing down vehicles to 25km/h.

Ideal for Heavy Vehicles

This industrial traffic Speed Bump is not just suitable for trucks and buses, but also works effectively for forklifts and other heavy vehicles. The threshold features reflective strips, enhancing its visibility in various weather and traffic conditions.

Easy to Install and Durable

The male-female connection system of the Heavy5D Traffic Speed Bump allows for easy installation and customization to the desired length. The connection also provides a stronger bond between the speed bump elements for a safer and more secure installation on any road surface. The threshold is easy to install on various substrates using bolts or traffic barrier glue, and its design conforms to the shape of the road even in case of ruts.

Extra Large Version Available

In addition to the standard Heavy5D Traffic Speed Bump, we also offer an XL version designed for even heavier traffic. This robust Speed ​​Bump measures 900mm x 500mm x 50mm, weighs 17kg, and is made of durable rubber. The XL version comes in black with reflective strips of yellow, and requires 6 bolts for installation.

Order the Heavy5D Traffic Speed Bump online, or browse our selection of other traffic barriers for increased traffic safety. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us for support.
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