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Rubber Parking Blocks Black

Rubber Parking Blocks Black

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Rubber Parking Blocks - BLACK

With our Parking Blocks separator you increase the safety of pedestrians through a sustainable solution in separation between Parkinglots and roadway. This Parkinglot path separator black is highly visible, because it is also equipped with reflective yellow tape strips. Rubber Parking Blocks separators serve as a physical separation between driving and Parking lanes.

Pallet offer 150 pcs

We have a very competitive price for you as a pallet deal. This consists of 150 Parking path separators and this is good for approximately 1.5 KM. We are happy to help you on your way. Competitive price, installation and advice, ask us via a live chat.

Roadway/Parking lane separator band

You will receive mounting materials such as plug and bolt free of charge with every separating band. This PVC rubber separation tape can be ordered online in different versions.

  • Rubber Parking Block BLACK with reflection strips YELLOW.
  • Rubber Parking Block BLACK with reflection strips WHITE.
  • Rubber Parking Block BLACK without reflection strips.
  • Rubber Parking Block RED with reflection strips YELLOW.
  • Rubber Parking Block RED with reflection strips WHITE.
  • Rubber Parking Block RED without reflection strips.

Order and buy your Parking Blocks separators at (incl. free installation material). We have a very diverse range of dividing beams for the road surface, carriageways and parking garages. If you prefer not to drill into the surface, order this mounting adhesive for concrete and asphalt.
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