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Black Speed Bump Variant: 200cm x 180cm & 300cm x 180cm

Black Speed Bump Variant: 200cm x 180cm & 300cm x 180cm

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Black Speed Bump in 200 x 180 cm or 300 x 180 cm

Black speed bumps are made of vulcanized synthetic rubber that ensures a long service life. The cushion has three white reflective triangles with recessed cat eyes on both sides. This guarantees visibility in all circumstances.

Black speedbump rubber Premium

Our black speed bumps are available in red or black and consist of 4 or 6 elements (200 x 180 or 300 x 180 cm) that are connected at the bottom with metal profiles. This prevents the elements from sliding apart as a result of overrunning traffic.The mounting plugs and bolts are supplied as standard, including the colored caps to seal the recesses for the bolts.Our speed bumps can be glued to the road surface. This gives even greater adhesion. However, gluing is not absolutely necessary and can make it more difficult to remove the Speed bump later on.

Product specifications: Rubber Speed bump black

  • Speed bumps for max. 30 km/h
  • Ensure safety without hindering traffic flow
  • Permanent or temporary installation
  • Allows smooth passage of buses and cyclists
  • Affordable, low maintenance costs and durable
  • Complies with European legislation
  • Easy installation
  • Modular system with tongue and groove connections
  • Anti slip
  • Includes confirmations
  • Available in 200 x 180 cm (4 elements) or 300 x 180 cm (6 elements)
  • 200 x 180 cm variant 192 kg- 300 x 180 cm variant 295 kg
  • Color Black

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Make sure your property or street is safe with one of our speed bumps. With a wide variety of options to choose from and order hassle-free online. Are there any questions or do you want to have a complete threshold installed? Don't hesitate and feel free to contact us by telephone ore email, we are happy to help you.

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