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Overall Orange Euro Traffic

Overall Orange Euro Traffic

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Overall Orange Euro Traffic Schnelle Lieferung nach Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz, Luxemburg, Tschechien, Belgien, Dänemark oder Polen? Bestellen Sie noch heute Ihr TRICORP einfach und schnell über Verkehrsshop. Overall Orange Euro Traffic Snelle levering naar Nederland of België? Bestel vandaag nog uw TRICORP eenvoudig en snel via Verkeersshop Nederland.

Orange Overall Euro Traffic

Tricorp 753001/THR3001 Overall

This is a premium orange coverall with reflective stripes. This ETS Overall is essential workwear for maximum visibility while working along the road, in your company hall and/or warehouse, and with the reflective stripes you ensure optimal visibility for extra safety.

  • Orange Overall designed for high visibility and safety during roadside work or other low-light situations.
  • Made of sturdy and durable material with reflective stripes in strategic places for maximum visibility.
  • This Orange Overall is available directly from stock and available in sizes 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65 & 66.

This euro traffic coverall orange with reflection is suitable for various industries, meets  standards for use on and around highways and other major roads.

Euro traffic overall Orange

This work coverall is an orange body pants. This coverall is specially designed to protect the wearer during roadside work or other situations where high visibility is required. The Overall is made of sturdy and durable material that is resistant to wear, tears and other forms of damage.

Overall euro traffic with reflection

The Overall is equipped with reflective stripes designed to make the wearer visible in low-light or low visibility conditions. These stripes are strategically placed on different parts of the body pants to ensure maximum visibility.

Orange Body Pants

The orange Overall ETS is available in sizes 42 through 66, allowing the wearer to find a comfortable and snug fit. If you have a question about the right size, feel free to let us know via livechat and we'll help you get started.

In short, this orange Overall ETS is an essential piece of workwear for anyone who wants to be safe and visible while working in situations where high visibility is required.


Overall ETS is a type of workwear designed specifically to protect the wearer while working alongside the road or other situations where high visibility is required. The main feature of an Overall euro traffic is the reflective striping on the clothing, making the wearer stand out and visible even in low-light or low visibility conditions. These garments are made of sturdy and durable material to provide protection against potential hazards in the workplace and are designed to be comfortable for extended periods of time. Overall ETS are available in different colors, but orange is the most common color because of the high visibility it provides.

ETS Work Overalls with Logo?

There are options to have your work overalls printed with a company logo. For more information about buying one or more ETS overalls with logo at a competitive price, be sure to contact us or ask your question Email or phone. We will then send you an appropriate custom quote and go over the possibilities with you.

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