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Road Surface Glue Multi-Purpose

Road Surface Glue Multi-Purpose

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Multi-Purpose Road Surface Solutions

Our company offers various products that provide effective solutions for road surfaces and infrastructure. Here are some of our products and their uses:
  • Road Glue: Ideal for repairing cracks and potholes on roads, bridges, and other infrastructure. It is also used for installing and securing road reflectors onto the surface of the road.
  • Glass Road Reflectors (LUX3): Also available online with us, embedded into the surface of the road to enhance visibility for drivers, especially in low-light or harsh weather conditions. LUX3 road studs offer superior reflectivity and durability compared to standard road studs.
  • Fix-o-Chim Glue tube: Suitable for waterproofing and protecting surfaces against water damage, UV rays, and weathering. It is also commonly used for repairing and restoring aging roofs and other outdoor surfaces.
  • Triflex Cryl R 238: Canned glue 15KG

Road glue online

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