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Scare Fence 150 cm - Lightweight Plastic Barrier Fence with Reflective Stickers

Barrier Fence Description:

Eurotrafficstore offers Scare Fence 150 cm, a lightweight and durable plastic barrier fence that is ideal for use in road or street work, and for temporary closure of sidewalks, driveways, cycle paths, and other small passages. The fence is single-sided with red-white reflective stickers, providing high visibility and meeting CROW guidelines. It is also equipped with Class 3 retroreflective foil, which is a premium quality reflective material that ensures the fence is clearly visible from a distance.

Plastic Fence Features:
  • Lightweight and durable plastic/PVC fence board
  • Single-sided reflective stickers in red-white color
  • Class 3 retroreflective foil for premium quality reflective value
  • Complies with CROW guidelines
  • Optional 2x fence A-standard with pipe holder for traffic signs on pipe pole
  • Available in lengths of 150 cm, 200 cm, 250 cm, and custom sizes
Barrier fence Benefits:

High visibility and safety for road or street work and temporary closure of small passages
Long lifespan with high-quality reflective material and sturdy plastic material
Easy to install with optional A-standard and pipe holder
Available in various sizes to meet different needs

You can buy and order our Scare Fence 150 cm and other fence models online at We offer worldwide shipping from our own warehouse, high quality products, and favorable prices. If you have any questions or need more information, our live chat support is available to help you.
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