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Wild Animal Mirror | Wildlife Reflector BLUE

Wild Animal Mirror | Wildlife Reflector BLUE

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Wild Animal Mirror | Wildlife Reflector BLUE Schnelle Lieferung nach Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz, Luxemburg, Tschechien, Belgien, Dänemark oder Polen? Bestellen Sie noch heute Ihr Reflektor BLAU einfach und schnell über Verkehrsshop. Wild Animal Mirror | Wildlife Reflector BLUE Snelle levering naar Nederland of België? Bestel vandaag nog uw Reflector BLAUW eenvoudig en snel via Verkeersshop Nederland.

Wild Animal Mirror Blue

Wildlife Reflector

Wild Animal Mirrors, commonly referred to as Wildlife Reflectors, serve a vital purpose in deterring wildlife and minimizing road accidents involving wild animals. These specially designed mirrors, featuring a semicircular or elliptical shape, are equipped with highly effective blue retroreflective class 3 reflection. This distinct blue hue is easily detectable by animals, thereby significantly reducing collisions with game by more than 60%. By implementing these innovative mirrors, we can effectively safeguard both drivers and wildlife, making our roads safer for everyone.

Blue Animal Mirror key features:

  • Studies show that they reduce collisions with Wildlife by 60-70%
  • They improve road safety, especially in areas with frequent animal crossings
  • They have a semi-circular shape for maximum reflection
  • Each mirror is 205mm x 85mm in size
  • Placement advice is to install them every 50 meters
  • They can be easily installed on harpoon poles, verge boards, or other barrier posts using screws or pop rivets
  • They can be glued on as well
  • They are available for purchase online at competitive prices

Buy Wild Animal Mirrors Online

Enhance road safety and protect wildlife with Blue Wild Animal Mirrors from Our high-quality mirrors effectively reduce accidents and ensure a safer driving experience. Enjoy fast delivery and excellent customer service for installation and pricing inquiries. Visit today for reliable Blue Wild Animal Mirrors that prioritize your safety and wildlife preservation.

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