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Traffic Column Flexible 100 cm Black

Traffic Column Flexible 100 cm Black

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Traffic Column Flexible 100 cm Black Schnelle Lieferung nach Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz, Luxemburg, Tschechien, Belgien, Dänemark oder Polen? Bestellen Sie noch heute Ihr Absperrpfosten einfach und schnell über Verkehrsshop. Traffic Column Flexible 100 cm Black Snelle levering naar Nederland of België? Bestel vandaag nog uw Paal eenvoudig en snel via Verkeersshop Nederland.

Traffic Column Flexible 100 cm Black

Introducing our high-quality Flexible Traffic Column, crafted from durable black plastic with a sleek design that enhances visibility and safety on the roads. With a height of 100 cm and a diameter of 10 cm, this column is specifically designed for versatile use on traffic islands and flat roads.

Flexible Traffic Column 100cm

Constructed from resilient plastic materials, our traffic column is engineered to withstand vehicular impact without sustaining damage, ensuring long-lasting performance. Its remarkable flexibility allows it to return to its original state after being run over or collided with, maintaining its effectiveness in controlling traffic flow.

To further enhance visibility, the column features class 3 reflective bands in a striking white color. These reflective bands significantly increase visibility, especially during low-light conditions, making them indispensable for enhancing road safety.

Traffic Column in Black Red and yellow

We understand that different situations may require different visual cues, which is why our traffic column is available in various colors and designs. In addition to the standard black design, we offer options in red and yellow with a built-in direction indicator, providing clear guidance to motorists and pedestrians.

Traffic Column Installation

To streamline installation and ensure a hassle-free experience, we offer flexible installation options tailored to your specific needs. For inquiries and personalized assistance, our dedicated team is readily available to assist you via email or phone, ensuring that you receive the best possible support and guidance.

With our commitment to customer satisfaction, we maintain a comprehensive stock of our Flexible Traffic Columns, allowing for fast and reliable delivery throughout the EU. We prioritize safety and strive to provide top-quality materials and exceptional service to our valued customers. Our team is at your disposal seven days a week, ensuring that your traffic management needs are met promptly and efficiently.

Choose our Flexible Traffic Column for its exceptional durability, enhanced visibility, and versatile design. Trust us to provide you with the finest materials and exceptional service that you deserve.

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