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Plastic Barrier Post 75cm Black | 3 Reflective Bands | Class 2

Plastic Barrier Post 75cm Black | 3 Reflective Bands | Class 2

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Plastic Barrier Post 75cm Black | 3 Reflective Bands | Class 2 Schnelle Lieferung nach Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz, Luxemburg, Tschechien, Belgien, Dänemark oder Polen? Bestellen Sie noch heute Ihr Absperrpfosten einfach und schnell über Verkehrsshop. Plastic Barrier Post 75cm Black | 3 Reflective Bands | Class 2 Snelle levering naar Nederland of België? Bestel vandaag nog uw Paal eenvoudig en snel via Verkeersshop Nederland.

Flexible Black Plastic Barrier Posts: 75 CM

Looking for a flexible and versatile solution to guide vehicular traffic or cordon off a pedestrian zone? Look no further than our flexible black plastic barrier post. Made of durable polyurethane plastic with three reflective strips featuring a CLASS 2 Reflective Film, it's ideal for increasing the safety of your site or traffic situation. Our ultimate guide covers everything you need to know, including features, applications, and installation.


  • T-FLEX Bollard 75cm BLACK is a movable one-piece plastic traffic bollard made of flexible yet robust PU plastic
  • Folding beacon in function and flexible bollard in use for easy installation with bolts
  • 75cm height and 8cm diameter pole with premium durable polyurethane plastic that is black and UV resistant
  • 360° bendable, flexible, and over-rideable
  • Equipped with three reflective strips of class 2 film for increased visibility and awareness
  • Guiding vehicular traffic or cordoning off a pedestrian zone
  • Delineating non-rideable areas
  • Marking the entrance to a parking lot or a private driveway
  • Creating temporary barriers between speed bumps or threshold markings
  • Installation:
Easy to install by means of bolts
  • Three pre-drilled holes per flexible fence post for easy attachment to any surface
  • Best installed using a bolt, washer, and plug
  • Ordering:

Flexible bollards available in orange, yellow, and green
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