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Reflector Jacket Orange SOFTSHELL

Reflector Jacket Orange SOFTSHELL

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Reflector Jacket Orange

Orange Reflector Jacket SOFTSHELL Tricorp

The Softshell is a Tricorp work jacket that meets the guidelines of the EU EN ISO 20471:2013, class 3 and is available for immediate purchase. This jacket is part of the Tricorp collection Tricorp 403003/TJR3001 and is in stock.

  • Excellent choice for traffic controllers looking for a safe, durable and comfortable jacket for all weather conditions and optimal visibility.
  • This Reflector Jacket Orange is available in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL, 4XL & 5XL, with detachable hood and multiple pockets.
  • This is the jacket for professionals who work on the road, it provides high visibility, is comfortable to wear and offers protection in all weather conditions.

In short, a Softshell Jacket  that serves as workwear is a comfortable, safe and practical jacket that is suitable for use in various activities, especially on the road.

Softshell Reflector Jacket | Orange

The Softshell is made of breathable, windproof and water-repellent material and has a detachable hood, front pockets and a Napoleon pocket. This softshell Reflector Jacket has a high visibility in accordance with the standard EN ISO 20471:2013, class 3, and has durably stitched reflective striping. This therefore offers excellent protection against wind and water thanks to the breathable and water-repellent fabric. The tightly woven layers provide extra protection without sacrificing comfort.

Reflector Jacket with logo?

There are options to have your jacket printed with a company logo. For more information about buying one or more jackets with a logo for a competitive price, please feel free to contact us or ask your question via email. We will then send you a suitable quote and discuss the options with you.

Tricorp Softshell Jacket with Reflectors

This Orange Jacket SOFTSHELL is a safe and comfortable safety jacket that provides visibility and protection in low light conditions. This Reflector Jacket meets the standard EN ISO 20471:2013, class 3 for high visibility.

The permanently stitched reflective striping contributes to the visibility and safety of the wearer. In addition, this jacket has increased breathability thanks to the PU intermediate layer . This contributes to the comfort when wearing the jacket, even during physically strenuous activities.

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