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School Crossing Sign - Blue

School Crossing Sign - Blue

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School Crossing Sign Blue with Reflective Class 3 Coating

This school crossing sign is designed to indicate a pedestrian walkway. The sign has a double folded edge to accommodate various brackets and ensure a secure installation. The blue plate measures 60 cm or 80 cm in size. The sign is coated with reflective class 3 material to enhance visibility during the day and night.


  • Double folded edge for secure installation
  • Blue plate measures 60 cm or 80 cm in size
  • Reflective class 3 coating for enhanced visibility


  • Improves safety for pedestrians and motorists
  • Increases visibility in low-light conditions
  • Provides a clear indication of a pedestrian walkway


  • Mounting plates
  • Steel sign posts
  • Galvanized steel wall brackets

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Eurotrafficstore offers fast and reliable delivery of high-quality traffic materials. We have a wide selection of traffic signs, mounting plates, steel sign posts, and galvanized steel wall brackets to choose from. School administrators, parents, motorists, pedestrians, order your school crossing sign today and make your community a safer place.

Your safety is our top priority.

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